Cancellation policy cancellation policy

Whatever the reason, sometimes an unforeseen event obliges to cancel a long planned stay.There are two main scenarii, when this can happen:


A. Cancellation before arrival

1. If the cancellation occurs more than 2 months before your arrival date, the booking deposit (minus  EUR 120 for the administration fee) will be refunded.

2. If the cancellation occurs between one and two months before your arrival date, the paid deposit will not be refunded.

3. If the cancellation occurs less than a month before your arrival date, the deposit and the balance will not be refunded.


B. Cancellation during stay

1. During the stay, the tenant must send a notice of leave at least 30 days before the desired date of checkout.

2. If the tenant sends a notice of leave below the required 30 days, the tenant is liable to settle the next month pro rata temporis as a compensation for the loss.

3. If the cancellation occurs during a stay between a week and 3 months, the agency fee is owed in full (plus EUR 150 for adminstration fee).

4. If the cancellation occurs during a stay longer than 3 months, the agency fee is owed in accordance to the new length of stay (plus a EUR 250 admin fee).


But fear not, as hinted above, offers an insurance policy aimed at covering cancellation risks. It is advisable to subscribe such an insurance.

Please note: Insurance only applies for stays inferior to 3 months.

Insurance benefits:

1. Booking can be canceled at any time, but for specific reasons (see contacts below).

2. If stay must be interrupted, « unused » nights will be refunded.

3. Damages occurring in the apartment that is your responsibility, are covered up to 2’500.- EUR (minus 100.- EUR for admin fee).

4. Insurance costs only 4% of the total rent.

By following this link you will find the general conditions applying for the insurance.

Which steps do you need to take if you are forced to cancel your booking?

1. Send an email in order to make the apartment available for new bookings.

2. Prepare the documents explaining your cancellation.

3. Be in contact with the insurance company by email or mail by sending to us the documents.

4. Do not forget to mention the following when you contact the insurance:

– Your full personal address

– Your phone number

– The agency you booked with: PARIS-HOSPITALITY.COM

– Your booking reference

– The check-in and check-out dates

– Important: when you have paid your booking deposit, make sure to input in your customer space all the name of the participants.

Insurance contact:

ADAR C/O Cab. ALBINET S.A.V. 5, cité; de Trévise 75 009 PARIS

Fax : +331 48 01 84 83