BlueStripe Paris

Paris-Hospitality has partnered with Paris based international companies providing quality housing solutions to international students.



We are happy partners with Comforts of Home, now BlueStripe, since 2015.

As Europe’s leading provider of accommodations for study-abroad students, interns, and young professionals, it's a very interesting alternative solution for those

who are looking for a place in central Paris at an affordable rate.


BlueStripe offers shared, serviced apartment living with American-style comfort and security. This housing solution is all-inclusive to ensure a hassle-free stay.

The Parisian apartments on offer are all situated in great locations in the historic heart of the City of Lights and are fully furnished for a comfy stay. 


Originally founded as Comforts of Home, BlueStripe has built its reputation on spacious, quality apartments and an authentic study abroad experience.


And the cherry on the cake, BlueStripe offers real peace of mind of knowing

  • where you're going to live in advance
  • native English-speaking customer service
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • in-house maintenance team
  • that makes sure everything works while you're here.


  • no utility hassles
  • no necessity trying to figure out the internet
  • or how to pay government taxes