Booking process


We thank you for choosing Paris-Hospitality for your next Paris visit. Rest assured, we will make every effort to help you find the apartment that suits you best.



A. How to book an apartment with Paris-Hospitality?

To book an apartment on the Paris-Hospitality website is pretty straightforward. Searching a place and make an online payment will take a few minutes only. Keep in mind that normally all availability is up-to-date. Still, we recommend to double-check with us, especially for the apartments with the “Book Now” label.


1. Search apartments matching your criteria

– Insert check-in and check-out dates, number of guests and click on search

– Examine the proposed places matching your criteria and add them to your selection


2. Confirm your selection

– Go to the blue tab called « your selection » on the top right corner of the website

– Review the selection. There you can delete unwanted places and start and new search if necessary


3. Send an enquiry

– Fill the form « Customer Information »

– Add a personal message for specific questions, if necessary

– Click on « Continue »


4. Enquiry confirmation

– A confirmation page called « My booking details » will appear with your selection and your booking reference

– You will receive a mail in the next 24 hours explaining how to book your apartment

– If button “Book Now” appears, this means it is normally possible to finalise the booking process immediately and secure the apartment by paying online, the required deposit. Just click on the « Book Now » button and you will be instructed on how to proceed. Again, we recommend to double-check with us before proceeding



B. How to confirm a booking with Paris-Hospitality?

To confirm a reservation, guests are expected to settle an amount based on the length of their stay

1. For stays up to 1 month, the full amount of the stay in one instalment

2. For stays up to 3 months, 50% of the total stay

3. For stays beyond 3 months, the equivalent of 1 month stay

A credit card or a wire transfer can be utilized to make the down payment confirming the reservation.

Please be advised: this amount may be refundable under certain conditions (see our chapter Cancellation policy).


1. Online payment

– Depending on the length of your stay (between 5 nights and 1 month) and the property you would like to rent (about 90% of our apartments), it is possible to confirm your booking by paying the requested downpayment directly on our website without having to wait for an availability confirmation from us.


2. Alternatively, you can make an online payment once availability is confirmed by us.

a. We do our best to answer an enquiry the same day (with exceptions on week-ends and bank holidays)

b. Answer by mail includes an explanation of the reservation process and how to proceed with the down payment securing the chosen apartment

c. Downpayment can be processed by phone using a credit card for payment

d. Downpayment can be wired to the following bank account along with a mail sent to us with a copy of the wire order:



Address: 66, boulevard Garibaldi – 75015 Paris – France

Bank name: Banque Tarneaud (10558) Agence (02541)

Bank address: 16 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt – 75008 Paris – France

IBAN: FR76 1055 8025 4118 1629 0020 037




C. When the balance is to be settled?

1. For stays up to 3 months booked in advance: time limit to settle balance is one month before arrival date at the latest

2. For any booking starting in less than 30 days and lasting up to 3 months, a full payment of the rental is mandatory before check-in

3. For long term stays, things are working a bit differently

Before arrival guests need to settle the last month of stay and the security deposit

Balance is settled on a monthly basis



D. Notice of leave

1. Guests staying beyond 3 months can reduce their stay by sending a notice of leave

2. Mandatory delay to send this notice of leave is 1 month minimum

3. Exemple: guests wish to leave on the 30th of June, then they must at least send a notice on May 30th or before

4. The notice of leave can be sent by mail or registered letter. This  will be dealt with on a case by case basis



E. When does the security deposit need to be settled?

1. For short term stay up to 3 months:

- the guests sign an authorisation to charge a credit card to cover any damages or extras related to the stay

- the guests settle a 1 month stay to cover any damages or extras related to the stay

2. For stay beyond 3 months: guests settle an amount equivalent to 1 month of stay

3. Security deposit or amount blocked on credit card is normally refunded / unlocked 2 weeks after checkout, provided everything is in order

4. If there are some problems noticed at checkout or extras related to the stay, the refund of the security deposit balance can take up to two months